A Life with MUJI, A Life with Design

"...my talk today is, in part, a record of my life with MUJI as well."

Kazuko Koike and local creatives in conversation on life with Design

BLACK was invited to curate a talk event in conjunction with the opening of the MUJI store in Changi Jewel.

Creative Director and Member of MUJI Advisory Board Kazuko Koike opened the event ‘A Life with MUJI, A Life with Design’ with her delivery of ‘The Birth of MUJI’. ‘The Birth of MUJI’ was first presented in 2015 in Shanghai, and brings attendees on a visual journey of MUJI’s development since its creation in 1980 through the brand’s promotional posters of which Kazuko Koike still currently copy-writes. Metaphorising herself as the ‘midwife’ in the process of MUJI’s creation, she begins her presentation by warmly sharing that it is also a record of her life with MUJI.

Her presentation was followed by a panel discussion on the panellists’ perspectives of MUJI, Design and their personal relationships with Design. The panel included Junko Suzuki (Senior Curator, Atelier MUJI Ginza), and local creatives Justin Zhuang as panel moderator (Design Researcher and Writer, In Plain Words), Grace Tan (Multi-disciplinary Artist, kwodrent) and Theseus Chan (Visual Artist, WERK Magazine).

Read the transcribe of Kazuko Koike’s talk here.