Celebrating Wonder and Creativity Through Art and Play

Creating an imaginative universe where art and nature coexist

Art-Zoo is a universe comprising imaginative landscapes where animals and nature coexist. Through the mediums of art and play, it aims to inspire artistic expression and curiosity, while commemorating the sense of wonder and creativity inherent in children.

In developing the world of Art-Zoo, we recalled fond memories of visits to the zoo, play times at animal-themed playgrounds in Singapore’s public housing estates, as well as cartoons and television programmes for children. They collectively informed many of our childhood fascinations and imaginations—ideas which we brought to life through recognisable animal and plant silhouettes developed using simple shapes and iconic patterns.

Across a variety of platforms, including inflatable parks, books, merchandise and collaborative events with creative partners, visitors to the Art-Zoo universe are invited to embark on an adventure with friends of all ages.