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Brand revamp for a group of restaurants with Peranakan heritage

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As a custodian of secret home recipes drawn from the Peranakan heritage, Violet Oon Singapore is a cornerstone of our city’s culinary history. The brand’s repertoire of dishes tell the story of a nation located at the crossroads of diverse flavours from around the world.

In implementing a revamp of the brand, two key objectives were emphasized: to pay tribute to the customs and culture that inform Violet’s identity as a Singaporean nyonya, as well as her subsequent journey into the world of cuisine; and for the brand to project a global outlook and confidence.

A monogram logomark was developed to incorporate elements of Peranakan tiles. It is also reminiscent of how Violet used to sign off on the articles she wrote for The Food Paper. The latter was achieved with a rename that turned Violet Oon’s Kitchen into the progressive, ambitious Violet Oon Singapore—a brand poised for global expansion.

This brand direction has since been adopted across all Violet Oon Singapore locations—including National Kitchen by Violet Oon, which celebrates Singapore’s fine flavours in the iconic historical City Hall building—as well as the packaging for the brand’s line of take-home merchandise.

Extensions of the identity to every Violet Oon outlet